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Valuable Information on the Landmark Cult

One disadvantage of having easy access to information is the fact that wrong or disparaging news can be seen too. A person searching for details about the Landmark Cult will be given both positive and negative results. While it is good to know both sides of the story, some are just false information created. Those who are unaware may tend to believe the wrong things floating online. It will result to harmful attack on Landmark Education’s reputation. It’s a good thing that despite the bad publicity, the company is still going strong. About the CompanyLandmark Education LLC, formerly Landmark Education Corporation or LEC began in 1991. Werner Erhard created the presentation used (which was sold to LEC). He still provides consulting work to the company from time to time. The presentation’s content has long been revised and improved. Harry Rosenberg, the Chief Executive Officer, is the brother of Werner Erdhard. There are graduate courses, coaching and training for the youth and teenagers being offered by the company aside from the Landmark forum. The company has filed cases against several journalists and authors in the USA and Europe because for defamation actions. The company reiterates that they are seeking corrections for inaccurate statements as they have intimated the company is like a cult.   The Landmark ForumThe Landmark Forum is a training program that runs for three days and one night. It is given to participants who are willing to pay the tuition fee and spend their precious time to reassess and change their life for the better. The Landmark Introduction is given prior to the forum. It is a free three-hour session that will give the participants an idea of what the training will be like. Landmark Introduction and Education is available in different metropolitan cities all over the world. The benefits of the forum are numerous, foremost of which is improving quality of life. The participant can also expect to improve self-esteem, set higher goals and knowing how to ask help and being more productive and enjoying life to the fullest. More important, the forum allows participants to rediscover discipline. The rules are given prior to the training and everyone is encouraged to remain inside until a break is called. Unnecessary standing and going out is highly discouraged so they will not miss a thing.    Not a Cult


Landmark Education Cult is not a cult in every sense of the word. Instead, it is a positive training program that will make people happier and successful-basically they become better individuals. Deeply troubled people who take the time to join the forum will find themselves “seeing the light”, so to speak. Contrary to the meaning of the word cult, there is nothing bizarre or weird about it. The Landmark Forum just proves that sometimes, people need others’ insights and help for them to understand their past experiences and how to they react to situations. While not everyone is equal, most are become scared and anxious in social interactions. Thanks to Landmark Education, participants will learn that there is no reason to be.